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Casey's Story: ...until the lights come on

I have been going to shows since I was 14. I can't believe my parents allowed us to do the things we did, but I guess that is what happens when they trust you. They let you make decisions for yourself and they support you through the good and the bad. Man, were we free range or what!? The ‘90s were awesome in so many ways!

My first concert ever was when Bush and No Doubt toured together. It was before I despised Gwen for stealing Gavin from me.

It was 1996 and my best friend's stepdad's younger brother took us to the show. It was super random and I still don't know why this was okay with my parents but I didn't argue with them then so I'm won't argue now.

The minute we got inside the stadium, Faith and I ditched our driver and we were off to explore the floor of the  Patriot Center* by ourselves. When the music started, our lives changed. In the teen years that were to follow, we became experts at navigating our way through concert crowds. We worked our way through a sweaty path of people to get to the front of the stage. Our "excuse me's" turned into taps on the shoulder followed by a sweet smile. The trick we learned worked best: the smaller person leads a path through the crowd, while the taller person follows. There was no holding us back for this first show. Faith even had her first crowd-surfing experience and when a mosh-pit opened up next to us we didn't let it knock us down.

For more than two hours, we were high on the music and energy. Endorphins were flowing out of control with sweat leaking out of all of our pores. We were dancing like it was nobody’s business. Then... it was over.

We waited for the encore and hoped for a second. Instead of saying "It ain't over until the fat lady sings" I would yell amidst deafening applause and cheers, "It ain't over until the lights come on!”

And then they did.

We filed out towards the parking lot - drenched in sweat and hot from all the body heat and passionate energy - and then BAM!  The first feeling of fresh air smacked us in the face. Back to our teenage reality, only now, with a beautiful ringing in our ears.

Now, where'd our driver go?

* Now known as Eagle Bank Arena

Casey writes a Family Travel Blog called Hunting for Rubies: Finding The Hidden Gem Around Every Corner named after her Irish Twins, Hunter and Ruby. Its not all Disney and Kid's Music in her household, although Kid's Music can be pretty rad these days! There is also a love for Indie Rock and Reggae and making up our own songs. Casey plans to take the kids to see more live music this summer! Check out Hunting for Rubies for travel tips and destination recommendations that would appeal to everyone.

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