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Galactic - an interview with Mario

Mario was standing outside of 9:30 Club when I met him. I was picking up my tickets at Will Call for the Galactic show. I was alone - about to meet my friends for a drink right after I grabbed the tickets. Mario was with a group of people and was enthusiastically greeting everyone that was coming to stand in line. “Are you here for Galactic? It’s going to be so awesome!” When he got to me, I told him nervously that I had never seen them before. “Are you kidding?! Hell yeah! I’m so excited for you! Your first Galactic show - you’re going to have a blast.”

By day, Mario is a lab technician and fixes audio equipment as a side gig. By night, he is a lover of music, a guitarist in a funk band, and an all-around fun and laid-back guy. Read the rest of his story below.

My name is Mario. I'm here to see Galactic - this is probably my 10th time seeing them.  They're from New Orleans but a few of the guys grew up here. They're an awesome jam band but not just a jam band. They're more of a funk band, but they do play the jam circuit a lot.     

I was first introduced to them because of my friends who went away to college and listened to them and they came back and were like 'here, you should listen to this band'.  Actually with the Ruckus record.  They came back with that record and that's how I was introduced to them.  It's a great band. I've seen them in different incarnations because they come through with a different singer every time.  It's a dance party.

I’ve seen them here at 9:30 Club and I’ve seen them at festivals. My favorite show of theirs is when I saw them on a mountaintop in Terra Alta, West Virginia.  But this is good, 9:30 Club  - it's just such a good sounding room.  One of the best.

I’ve seen a bunch of different shows here at 9:30. Reggie Watts once; I've seen Emmylou here.  I've seen Clutch here a bunch. My favorite show? I saw the original lineup of Black Sabbath at Nissan Pavilion when I was 18.  My love of music started when I picked up the guitar at 15 - but that show solidified it.

I go to see live shows about 3-4 times a month.  I also play in a band - Subtle Hustle - we play funk.  We mostly play around DC and Baltimore. Music is my passion and my life. Everyone can support musicians by going to see live shows - it’s good for the fans and it’s good for the musicians.

Go see and support local music.  Go.  It's awesome to like music at home, in your car, at work. It's another thing to go there and listen to it live.  It's a completely different experience.  It's why I'm here.  It's because…Fuck Yeah!

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