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Jane's Story: Meeting Pierce The Veil

We’ve all been there- can’t wait for the big show and then disaster strikes in some form or another. But sometimes, if you’re really lucky, a security guard or other venue staff will have your back. Below, Jane recounts her Warped Tour miracle.

I was about 14 when I met the lead singer from Pierce the Veil. It was also my first Warped Tour and it was in Portland, OR. I dragged my best friend to come see it with me, who was 17 at the time, so we were able to drive solo without our parents. I remember how hard we both worked all summer: mowing lawns, babysitting, and doing chores around the house in order to afford our tickets, gas, a hotel room, and whatever we wanted at the concert itself.

Our journey to the concert was horrible! We left and hadn't been on the road for two hours before we blew a tire and had to pull over to fix it. This was something two teenage girls had no idea about until some really cool guy stopped and helped us. After about ten minutes of small talk and awkward conversation with this guy, it started to pour. Shortly after the downpour started, the guy finished helping us and he left.

After we got back on the road, everything was fine. We blasted some music and jammed out to get our spirits back up. We were only about an hour away when we stopped for food. We grabbed McDonald's and were back on the road rushing to get to Warped!

I kept talking to my friend about how nervous I was about meeting Vic and the rest of the band when she pulled into a 7-Eleven only to get out and rush into the bathroom behind the store. I rushed after her and you can imagine what happened next.. I asked her if she was okay and she said she thought she had food poisoning. I sat down beside her and pulled out my purse. I couldn't find my mints so I pulled everything out of my purse, and laid everything down carefully so I wouldn't lose anything. After finding the mints and handing her about 10, I started to put everything back, we left the 7-Eleven, and she felt better after that.

As we pulled into the parking lot, we both squealed and ran out of the car and sprinted toward the gate, happy that we were finally there. We waited in line for almost 20 minutes when we got up to the women working the entrance, she looked at us and asked for our tickets.  I looked at her, but then laughed at myself, remembering I had them and opened my purse only to go through it and see that I didn't have them. My throat got really tight and my eyes burned and I told my friend that I might have left them at the 7-Eleven or in the car. So we walked back out to the car and tore it up looking under the seats, the doors, the glove box. I couldn't find them.

I sat down in the driver’s seat and started to almost cry, when the same security lady came over and asked us if we found them. My friend sensed my inability to reply and answered "no" for me. The woman looked at me and asked who I came to see. I took a deep breath and rattled off the list. "But mostly Vic and the band." I mumbled at the end. She nodded looking like she legitimately felt my pain. She then told us that she was going to let us in, but next time we had to remember our tickets. I was so happy I almost lost it.

Shortly after we got in, we found the booths where you met the bands and we found Vic, Tony, Mike, and Jamie. I told my friend that I wanted their autographs, so we walked up to them and waited in line for almost an hour. I could hear them laughing and I could see them taking pictures with people and I was so excited when it was my turn. When we walked up, I handed them my autograph book and they all signed it. Vic and Tony asked me and my friend where we were from at the same time and for some reason I just launched into the whole story of how we got there and they actually sat and listened. They each gave me a hug and thanked me for being so strong and for coming. It was easily one of the coolest moments of my life!

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