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Ghastly: Rash's story

I walked into Echostage with one mission: find the inflatable crayon, find my friends. After scanning the crowd for several minutes, I finally saw it. As I walked toward it, I noticed that the group of kids standing there were not my friends. They were another group of eager concert goers. With my friends nowhere in sight, I approached the kid holding the crayon high up in the air. This is Rash’s story.

My name is Rash. I came out tonight to have a great time with my friends. We are waiting on a few more to join us and are using an inflatable crayon to make it easier to find us. Your friends totally copied our idea. But getting back on topic, I am so excited for tonight’s show.

I like EDM because it’s a new genre; you can do anything with it. It has a lot of untapped potential. We’ve pretty much done everything you can with rock ‘n’ roll- not that it’s outdated or anything- but EDM is starting to gain popularity because you can do anything with it. You’re not really limited to an instrument like other genres. You are only limited to a computer and computers do anything you can think of. EDM requires a different kind of talent with a mixer or whatever equipment you use. It’s like learning a new instrument that is hooked up to your computer. It’s pretty cool learning an unorthodox instrument that has only been around for a short amount of time.

Another reason I love it is because of the people. I actually have a funny story to share. A couple weeks ago I was on the way to another show and I really had to use the bathroom. I got dropped off at this restaurant and the owners were not going to let me go. That is, until they saw my Bassnectar hat, they were like, “You’re a basshead? HELL YEAH, of course you can use our restroom.” This why I love bassheads- they’re the nicest people.

Getting back to the music- I love trap, dubstep, future house, Bassnectar obviously, and, of course, Jauz and Ghastly who are performing later tonight. I really hope Jauz drops his song Higher that he did with Netsky. I’m just excited for him to drop some dirty dubstep and rip my face apart. During some of my past experiences with Jauz, he likes to throw some rock ‘n’ roll songs into the mix. When I saw him at Camp Bisco, he threw in a ton of Sum 41 songs. I can’t remember what they were called, but I hope he does something like that tonight. I love how Jauz doesn’t just stick to EDM. He recognizes that when you’re consistently playing house or dubstep the crowd will love it, but you need to play a song to get them back into things.

The past two times I’ve tried to see Ghastly, I’ve been snubbed out by the line, so this time I made sure to get here super early. There is no way in hell that I’m going to miss him tonight. Have you ever heard Ghastly’s story? He grew up on a goat farm in Arizona. He had to start from the bottom and work his ass off and now he is at the top. He is an inspiration to me. I love Ghastly’s music because he throws in some goofy house with some dubstep. In the EDM community you can make up any genre, so goofy house is whatever you want it to be. This is why I love EDM because you can be whatever you want to be and no one here is going to judge you.

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