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GLOBAL CITIZEN DAY - interviews with 2 fans

“We believe that music transcends boundaries and languages and serves as an outlet for raising awareness around the issues that face everyone. Through music, we have an opportunity to reach millions with the message that we can end extreme poverty by 2030, end climate change, and give people like you the opportunity to take action on issues like ending preventable diseases, cutting carbon emissions, getting kids a better education, and ensuring everyone has safe access to toilets.” - Global Citizen Day webpage

Kory traveled from Cleveland to DC with his buddy.  A long weekend - sure.  A getaway from life - absolutely.  A chance to see the Nation's Capital and check out the Washington Nationals - definitely.  What he did not plan for was the awesome music festival that was happening - for free.  It was a surprise - a surprise that had them extend their stay an extra day. 

I'm excited for both Fall Out Boy and No Doubt, but No Doubt is more around my age range so I'm more excited for them.  We took Thursday and Friday off to have a couple extra days to walk around DC and check out a Nationals game. Actually we just found out the other day that the show was free so we thought we might as well stay for an extra day. I've never seen No Doubt before.  They're from the grunge era - we were big fans of Sublime and they played together.  So it's all right there.  It's all about my past, my memories.  I'm a big fan of live music.  Mostly older stuff - but in general, I love rock music.

Yea, I go to a lot of shows in Cleveland - absolutely. It's the Rock Hall so there's a lot of great shows there.  My favorite band of all time? Oh I can tell you for sure - Led Zeppelin.  I grew up with them; my father got me into it.  It's simply Rock n Roll. They are at the top of the list of Rock n Roll.  Nirvana, No Doubt, Green Day - they all kind of came from Led Zeppelin. But that's where my music interests started - with them.  It's what I like. 

I love music because it makes you feel good.  Depending on what the song is - it can set your emotions in the right direction for the day.

Michelle traveled from New Jersey and took advantage of the awesome free concert on the mall.  She thought she was in town to explore the museums and history of DC with her family. However, when she found out Mary J. Blige was performing a free show, it turned into a day on the mall of our Nation's Capital for beautiful weather, awesome music, and a good time spent with her daughter.

Well, we came here today from Jersey. We found out about the concert when we got here.  We heard it was Mary J Blige and bunch of other people.  We were like, we'll go see a couple museums, but then we're hanging at the concert!  The museums were great - DC is an awesome place to explore.  But, we couldn't pass up the chance to hear this show.  And Mary J came on first!  She's awesome.

I love Mary J because of back in the day with Real Love and her other stuff; I grew up with her.  I was trying to get a little closer to the stage, but you see I've got my little one, so I didn't want to go too far into the crowds. But, I'm from Jersey, we ALL know Mary J.  My daughter loves her too - we were down there dancing together.

Music is special. It relaxes people. It brings people together.  It lets you think about a lot of things whether it's personal or work or spiritual or family.  And it helps you to just feel good about yourself.

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