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M3 Rock Festival: an interview with Dayyami

Dayyami's story doesn't need much of an introduction. She grew up in Cuba where Rock music was illegal. Her forbidden love for this genre grew into an intense passion and a lifelong goal. It's a dream that has come true and her unfettering determination to be firstinline is charming and inspirational. She's living her dream and that's all that matters.

My country didn't have a lot of Rock music when I was growing up. There was Salsa and Merengue and music from Italy, Europe. The only chance you have to see rock bands is two times a week on one channel for 1/2 an hour on a television program. They have like 3 or 4 different bands - that's all we have in Cuba.  Then we make it legal there and we got more music from FM radio stations. But now my country is different because musicians visit the country now.

I love to be the first one in line because my lifelong goal is rock n roll. Even in my country, in high school when I was young - it was my goal. My country does not have many opportunity to hear Rock 'n Roll music because my country always tries to stop rock music from coming into the country - it was illegal music in my country. That's why back then I say "if I leave one day from my country, I go to USA.  My big dreams is to be firstinline to see all the big rock n roll bands."  And that's what I do.  I live my dreams now. And no one can stop me.

I always try to be the firstinline for EVERY rock concert and I always try to be in the first four rows. Believe it or not my favorite band is KISS.  I love KISS and I love Def Leppard. I always go every year on the KISS cruise and the last time I wait four hours on the front of the little deck - four hours! I was in the sun waiting for the show because I wanted to be first in the spot for the KISS show.  I waited four hours in the front without drinking water, without eating food, without going to the bathroom because I LOVE to see my favorite band in the front row. That's my favorite band -  I like for my favorite band see me - like "hey guys, I'm here again!"

The reason I went to the M3 this year is because in 2014, I was at the Monsters of Rock cruise with Europe and Krokus. And then when I saw that they were going to be at the M3, I say well, I'm going to M3 too, because there's not many chances to see Krokus and Europe in the USA.  That's why I go to the M3 again because I love Krokus and I love Europe but Krokus is oh my gosh, I've loved them for many years - since high school. Believe it or not, I was the first in line for Krokus and Europe on the cruise too.

I meet a lot of the musicians. Last weekend I meet Phil Anselmo from Pantera and I have met the guys from KISS. I have pictures with Alice Cooper, Guns N Roses, a lot of bands.

Music is everything for me. I cannot live without music.  My husband - he doesn't love music like I do - he calls me crazy  because he say 'You are too much. You are very extreme about music.' Yes, I am. I am very happy about that. I'm living and no one can stop me or my love about rock music.   Every time in my life I have to have music. In the shower I have to have music. If I go to sleep, I have to have music. I cook with music, I drive with music, everything around me is with music. I have to listen to music anytime.

All I do now is live my dreams.  That's why I say - I am living my dreams now because back when I was young when I live in my country I always say "you see, one day I go to USA, I meet all the musicians, I go to all the shows, I want to hang with all the guys…"  And that's what I do right now.

That's what I do - I am living my dreams and no one can stop me.

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