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Oliver Heldens: An Interview with a fan

A post-show interview with Thomas whose love for EDM runs deep. From watching his friends DJ to seeing one of his favorite artists on stage, the influence the genre has on his life has become undeniable.


I got excited about EDM in 7th or 8th grade. That’s when I heard dubstep, and other artists like Skrillex, for the first time.  I thought, “OH MY GOD, what is THIS?” My friends said, “You’ve never heard of dubstep ?”


I had no idea what dubstep was- it was totally new to me. I thought it was really cool and I was  intrigued by it. I didn’t get into it then, but during my freshman year of college I had a bunch of kids from New Jersey and Long Island on my lacrosse team. One of the kids from Long Island liked to DJ on the weekends. One night, we were going out together and he brought all of his turntables and equipment. He really blew my mind and I was entranced by the whole thing. That’s what really started it for me.

At first, I was completely into progressive and electro-music like Showtek. But, over time, my taste in music has evolved and shifted. Now I’m into the vocal/deep house mixes of Oliver Heldens and other similar DJ’s. The last show I went to was back in September. While I don’t consider myself a regular concert goer, I’ve seen Cash Cash, Pegboard Nerds, Cazette, and, of course, Oliver Heldens in person.

Actually, I saw Oliver Heldens right here at Echostage. It was the most recent show I went to. I like his style and his specific taste. I guess you could say I feel most influenced by it. It resonates deep within me. I’m an avid listener of his weekly show “Hell Deep Radio.” It’s on YouTube and SoundCloud and is an hour long mix of brand new music that Oliver personally likes. He updates the music every week on Saturday, so it’s always fresh. He has been my favorite artist for some time and I’ve watched him in YouTube videos and what not. I love how he shares it all. It’s been a really huge thing for me- getting the chance to see him in person really cemented it for me. It was the best. I was like,“WOW!”

Echostage was super crowded tonight. It was really hard to maneuver and do your own thing. I tried to get close to the stage, but the crowd was really rowdy. Oliver was killing it and you could tell the crowd was really feeling it. My favorite part was when he queued up the track that he collaborated with Throttle on in a song called “Waiting” (which is a deep house disco mix). Throttle jumped onto the stage and made his guitar sing. I didn’t know he could do that.

I totally didn’t expect it. It was also really cool when Oliver came out and shuffled in front of the entire crowd. I hope I can teach myself how to shuffle one day.

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