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O.A.R.: My first 9:30 show

"I was 20 years old when I attended my first concert at 9:30 Club. O.A.R was not only performing -- they were recording their first ever live album that night...  All I remember about that night was how it was packed to the brim with people, passion and community… and music, of course."
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GLOBAL CITIZEN DAY - interviews with 2 fans

"We believe that music transcends boundaries and languages and serves as an outlet for raising awareness around the issues that face everyone. Through music, we have an opportunity to reach millions with the message that we can end extreme poverty by 2030, end climate change, and give people like you the opportunity to take action on issues like ending preventable diseases, cutting carbon emissions, getting kids a better education, and ensuring everyone has safe access to toilets." - Global Citizen Day webpage
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