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We curate your stories about your favorite music memories and your favorite music moments. Have you ever stood first in line for hours waiting to get into a concert or to buy tickets? We want to hear your story. Have you ever met your favorite musician? We want to hear your story. We also would love to interview you and we can write your music-story for you. Share your music passions. Share your music stories.

It’s cold.  Or maybe it’s hot, or raining or windy and raw.  It doesn’t matter. 

Do you arrive an hour before the doors open, or two or three or more?  You do what it takes; there is a door, there is a line, and you are going to be first in that line right outside that door.  And when it opens, you’ll find your space.  Front row or near the soundboard?  Hidden away in a little alcove in the corner where no one will bump you and shake you from your dream.  And why does it matter? 

Is it talent?  Is it the words, the poetry, the story, the sexiness, the raw energy?

In a world where distractions steal our present moments, a live music show can be one of the best ways to get back to them.  The only thing that has your attention, gets all your senses and absorbs you is… the show.

You're looking.  At the stage, the lights, the musicians, the sweat, the energy.

You're touching. Feeling the bodies that sway around you and the floor vibrate beneath you.

You're smelling.  The love, the pheromones, and the mix of floor cleaner and spilled beer take you away.

You're tasting.  The passion coming from the stage and being sent to you has a feel in your mouth and leaves a flavor on your tongue.

You're hearing.  The notes, the harmonies, the beats, the lyrics, the meaning, the stories. 

It is the present.

The doors open.  You’re first in line.  How you got here no longer matters.  All that matters is what comes next. {Your Stories}

Tell us your story.  Connect with us.  Be first in line with us. 


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